General English

What is General English?

General English, is exactly what it sounds like– English for general purposes. It aims to give language learners a firm foundation in basic grammar and communication. It focuses on developing the core skills of reading, writing, listening and oral skills, through a wide range of topics. There are basic-A1, A2, intermediate – B1, B2, and academic -C1 and C2 levels. Each of the levels can be certified by international exam frame which is organized by Cambridge English Qualifications.

Objective of the course

Language study is carried out using modern educational and methodical materials, audio equipment. As a result of an effectively planned training program, the student will daily improve his writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, enrich his vocabulary, improve pronunciation, intonation, grammar knowledge, learn practical and necessary phrases, overcome the awkwardness of starting to speak a foreign language.

Our training course is focused on starting or improving your speaking skills. Foreign teachers are involved in conducting the course, which will help the student to easily overcome the complex of speaking.