Debate On Saturdays

The purpose of the meetings is to develop the art of debating in English. At the same time, young people will develop the ability to speak a foreign language. Participants will learn vocabulary material based on different topics.
For educational purposes and the development of various skills, there are many formats of debate as a game (for example Karl Popper or Parliamentary type). Each of them develops the culture of argumentative debate, critical thinking, rational use of conversation time, and the skills of finding the 
“Debate On Saturdays " - registration should be done in advance. It is possible to book one, two or more meetings. Meetings are held on Saturdays at a specified time
Generally it will last 2 hours:
 Preparation period - 30 min
 Break - 10 min
Debate process - 50 min
Planning further debates - 30 minutes
Meetings will be led by experienced curators with assistants.
Please, note that the process is entirely in English. The level of knowledge of the English language is not essential.
Book one Saturday Debate for 30 GEL
Book two Saturday Debate for 50 GEL
Book three Saturday Debate for 65 GEL
Book four Saturday Debate for just 80 GEL